Pipistrelle Design

Pipistrelle is a creator of unique sculptural ceramics, decorative and functional homewares and wearable art. Taking inspiration from natural curiosities, her ceramic art is a celebration of nature with an environmental narrative. Pipistrelle’s sculptural work comprises highly detailed, porcelain forms and often combines natural materials such as wood and lichen. This work explores the possibilities of clay, glazes and oxides to recreate organic textures and shapes, patterns and colours of real specimens. Influenced by natural history collections and scientific illustration, her subject matter is the often overlooked life forms that play vital roles in balancing our delicate ecosystems, such as insects, fungi or plankton. The artist aims to capture and preserve, as if frozen in time, the beauty, wonder and fragility of nature. Her museum style displays and scientific labelling describe a dark dystopian future, where these species can only be found as artifacts of a forgotten world. After completing her MA in Fine Art at UWE, Pipistrelle discovered her love of clay at Maze Studios in Bristol, where she currently works. The artist has exhibited both nationally and internationally as well as participating in arts and crafts fairs.

You can find Pipistrelle at St Anne’s House (Home of Bricks Bristol), St Annes Road, BS4 4AB

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